Heat Off To Utica, Peoria To Abbotsford As Canuck Farm Team – Latest Report

By March 18, 2013Sports News

According to thecanuckway.com Abbotsford hoc. key fans can expect the Canucks to have a farm team in Abbotsford by next season.

Rumours have been flying around the hockey comment boards all day and Twitter has been buzzing with questions based on a series of Tweets from Tom Mayenknecht of Sport Market.

Tom Mayenknecht

“The Vancouver Canucks farm team will be in Abbotsford beginning next season, according to a report from the Sport Market’s Tom Mayenknecht.

“Mayenknecht reports the Calgary Flames will move the Abbotsford Heat (which they own) to Utica, New York for the 2013-14 season. The Canucks will purchase the Peoria Rivermen franchise, which is owned by the St. Louis Blues, and move it to Abbotsford. The Blues would then sign an affiliation agreement with the Chicago Wolves.”

This latest report is consistent with the report in February in the Utica Observer-Dispatch that the Calgary Flames were discussing a move to Utica with a local business group. The Flames and the Heat both said they were committed to their ten-year contract with Abbotsford.

The report is also consistent with reports last fall that the Canucks were trying to manoeuver themselves to get into a situation where they had a farm team in Abbotsford.

The only time the Abbostford Entertainment and Sports Centre (AESC) has ever had any significant attendance has been when the Canuck affiliate Chicago Wolves have been in town. The local media has consistently run to the Flames and the Heat to ensure that every reported rumour that the Heat are leaving could be denied.

Neither the Flames nor the Heat have yet denied the latest report on their future after Abbotsford.

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