Heat Staying In Abbotsford – Flames

According to a report by Scott Cruickshank in the Calgary Herald The Calgary Flames intend to stay in Abbotsford.

“On behalf of our fans and on behalf of our local partners in the Abbotsford Heat, we wish to emphasize that there is no ‘three-way deal’ (or any other deal) that will see the Canucks move their development program to Abbotsford for next season,” the Flames said in a statement issued Tuesday afternoon. “We remain committed to our fans and partners in Abbotsford and look forward to sharing many more seasons with them.”

The statement comes just days after a report in the Vancouver Sun that George Peary’s Deal seemed to be the one thing keeping the Vancouver Canucks from being able to move their new farm team from Peoria to Abbotsford.

That deal provides the Calgary Flames and the local owners with a ten-year deal guaranteeing the taxpayers of Abbotsford will assume their financial losses. So far, Utica, New York, though reported to be prepared to put some taxpayer funds on the negotiating table, appears unprepared to make the deal George Peary made on behalf of Abbotsford taxpayers.

Abbotsford taxpayers have lost money on George Peary’s Deal every year since the Heat came to Abbotsford.

Watch for another set of predictions
to come true 😉

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  • wintershades says:

    Why would the Heat move with such a sweet deal from the City of Abbotsford. Ya Think!

  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    On behalf of our fans and local partners in Abbotsford
    Heat and we remain committed to our fans and partners in

    Yes, “fans and partners,” ONE AND THE SAME!”

    Why wouldn’t the Flames be committed to the same people, who
    inked the Abbotsford Heat contract and supported this venture,
    on behalf of the Abbotsford taxpayer.

    $10.8 million in subsidies paid from May, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2012
    Add on the predicted $1.9+ million for arena deficit for 2012/13 and the total adds up to $12.6 million……..at another $2+ million over
    the next five years, the taxpayer will be paying out at least $23 million by the end of the contract……add in the $30 million cost
    overun for the arena taken out of the cities capital reserves, the
    amount will be $105 million for arena/hockey alone and we were touted
    a $85 million pricetag for Plan A.

  • anne Graham says:

    Fans and partners, all seventeen of them that are regulars, plus the people who will go like me when it’s $2 dollars for a beer. Why is Perry still in charge? I thought he crawled under a rock after he lost is he just going to pop up and defend his idiotic hockey deal every time a chance comes to put in something better? Guess what… everybody will be watching the Vancouver farm team in Langley or Chilliwack and Abbotsford will always be the home of the Calgary flames farm team and no it’s not ever going to catch on no matter how much of my tax dollars you throw at it.

    • Rod Marr says:

      The Heat will have a protection clause excluding another franchise from locating in this market so don’t think for a second that either Langley or Chilliwack will become the Canucks farm team location. Nonsense. You can sit at home and not attend games, your choice… but either way you are paying. Wouldn’t it make more sense to actually get behind the Heat and go to the games if you are a hockey fan?? The folks in Chicago go to the Wolves games and I can guarantee you Wolves fans are NOT Vancouver Canuck fans! Neither team plays for the Stanley Cup. Most Heat fans are Canuck fans when it comes to the NHL. Friends from Nanaimo joined us for a Heat game earlier in the season and were very impressed with both the arena and the hockey they watched. Their most memorable comment on the whole experience was “How stupid it is that people in Abbotsford complain about the arena and boycott the Heat based mainly on the Flames affiliation”. I couldn’t disagree… how sad.

  • Marc says:

    Imagine the ramifications to the flames/heat franchise if they don’t leave? If they thought they had attendance problems now…lol

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