By James Breckenridge. I suppose that for individuals who live to inflict themselves on others it is a high barrier shelter.

Although, when I was homeless on the streets of Abbotsford and circumstances beyond my control made a night at the shelter unavoidable, I never found the standards of behaviour required of those guesting at the shelter onerous. But then I accept responsibility for my behaviour towards others.

I. Non-prescription drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises.

II. You cannot assault, threaten, abuse or infringe on the personal space of clients or staff.

III. You need to take a shower.

I still don’t find the requirement to show basic consideration for those you are sharing the shelter space with either onerous or unreasonable.

Although doing away with the requirement that clients shower would save staff considerable hassle. In light of the number of requests clients make to staff about having others in the shelter shower and wash their clothing and the effort and time it takes for staff to get individuals to shower and wash their clothing, doing away with the showering requirement would be a relief. But doing away with the requirement to shower would inflict unfair tribulation on those in the shelter who choose to practice basic hygiene.

The two outbreaks of violence I have witnessed in the shelter, one where staff was physically attacked and the other where the building was vandalized, resulted from staff requesting that the attackers shower; requests made in response to complaints and requests of others in the shelter.

While being required to shower if you want to stay at the shelter is apparently considered by some to be an onerous requirement that presents a High Barrier to using the shelter, showering is about the health and comfort of ALL those using the shelter.

I am not sure what you have when people can party, assault, threaten, be odorous to the point others are gagging and make life miserable for all the others sharing the space … but I can tell you do you do not have a shelter.


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“…. the service providers who were temporarily at Jubilee Park Saturday …

What possible reason could there be for the service providers to be in Jubilee Park on what is normally a day off? Could it possibly be that they were there to help the protesters who had been ordered by the court to leave?

How dare they focus on helping the protesters they came in on a Saturday to help and suggest to non-protesters that they do what every other person seeking services does, go down Gladys to the Centre of Hope, enter the reception area, speak to the receptionist about the services they need, then sit down and wait their turn.


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Would those poor souls who are not being given access to their belongings be those who stated they wanted to stay at the shelter after they left Jubilee and asked for help getting their belongings packed and stored in the storage provided to those staying at the shelter?

Are we speaking of those little fibbers who said they wanted to stay at the shelter and who, once their belongings were packed, transported and stored in the storage provided for shelter clients – lost all interest in staying at the shelter?

An enquiry of shelter staff revealed that none of the shelter staff has refused these poor, unfortunate cozeners access to their belongings. Indeed shelter staff would be happy to reunite these rascals with their belongings and gain the room those belongings occupy for the belongings of individuals who are accessing the shelter and services.

Of course, given that the storage is provided for those staying in the shelter, the times when access is provided to items stored in the shelter storage are arranged to serve those staying in the shelter.

Should someone not staying at the shelter pop in during the day and demand access to their belongings they will be informed – as everyone is – that they need to speak to shelter staff. Shelter staff are, not surprisingly, available during the hours the shelter is operating.

What a concept, access hours to the storage provided for the belongings of those staying in the shelter that are based on shelter hours so anyone staying in the shelter can access their belongings on a daily basis if needed.


E = mc^2

In speaking of not finding it onerous when I was homeless and forced to use the shelter I must acknowledge the significant benefit I have in dealing with people as a result of having a mother who drilled manners and consideration for others into her children. The same good manners and thoughtfulness that comes from being sat down during the Christmas holidays as a child and writing thank you letters for presents received [letters, not little thank you cards] has provided me with friends and others who are not only willing, but have stepped up, to help me not just survive but to thrive.

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