Hillary Grist Releases ‘Come And Go’

By April 2, 2015Arts, Music/Video

Submitted. ‘Come & Go’, the title track off Hilary Grist’s newest album, deals lyrically with the impermanent and contrasting bittersweet elements of life, it’s situations and relationships.

In the music video, this spirit is embodied by a dishevelled door to door life insurance salesman protagonist. As he travels alone in his car from town to town alone he dreams of one day escaping his daily drudgery and relaxing on atropical beach.

Cover image by Jennifer Picard

His routine continues: staying at seedy hotels, eating alone and spending each day knocking on doors and continually being rejected. He becomes more and more lost and aimless, but he tries to maintain his courage.
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Official video of Come and Go here

When his car breaks down on an abandoned highway he calls his company from a payphone to get some help but he finds that his insurance coverage has been revoked. This is the last straw and he freaks out, running through the forest and throwing away his documents and briefcase.

He eventually arrives at the shoreline and feels the long-awaited warmth of the setting sun on his skin. We see him relieved and finally filled with hope as he bends down to scoop water up and splash it on his face. In his focus on his job, he hadn’t noticed the beauty surrounding him. The tropical beach he’d dreamed of was just off the highway.

‘Come & Go’ was directed by award winning director Mike Southworth (​​2014 WCMA Video of the Year) and filmed by renowned cinematographer, Byron Kopman. The video was shot on rare vintage Japanese Kowa Anamorphic lenses – giving it a vintage cinematic palette.

Hilary Grist is a Vancouver based singer-songwriter whose music has been featured in over 20 film and television shows including NBC’s Grimm and Being Human. Hilary has toured North America and Asia and played over 50 shows across Canada in 2014 in support of the new album ‘Come & Go’.

Image of cover courtesy of www.hilarygrist.com Hillary Grist come and go

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