By Gerda Peachey. ” … homeless people, whom the Salvation Army refused to help, …” MIKE: you rage at the few people who actually do help needy people in Abbotsford.

Does it not occur to you that the SA has a limited capacity for the number of people it can help? And more significantly, does it not occur to you that taking in absolutely anyone, and everyone puts EVERYONE in danger?

I have met and listened to a lot of alcohol and drug damaged folk. At some points in their lives they are a danger, not only to themselves, but to the world around them.

Take a deep breath and have an unbiased look at the help that is being given instead of constantly railing at what has not yet been done.

We are in danger of elevating the rights of dysfunctional humanity over the rights of those who do in fact provide the welfare money and goods to keep body and soul together for people caught in the grip of addiction.

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