Homeless Leave Jubilee Park

By Elsie Neufeld. ANGEL FOOTPRINTS IN MY CAR. No arrests were made and Jubilee Park campers have been dispersed again. Police on site were gentle-toned. Gave legal notices at the 30 minute mark, and at 4pm, and chose not to arrest anyone as there was evidence that people were packing up.

At least three moved to another ditch. Why so many officers were present, and why the area was barricaded remains a mystery, and what the great urgency was to move them out 3 days before Christmas … words fail this writer, but my heart is full of having witnessed a handful of local citizens come in and help with packing up and transporting some belongings.

And so, at least one man’s things have been reduced to two plastic bins, a tent, a bicycle and trailer, two bags of canned food, clean socks and mittens some Jubilee Park person dropped off with saying “God does not want you to live out doors; God wants you to live inside, to have your own bathtub. Please be in touch with so-and-so, and he will help you.”

This said to him while he was sorting through his bags of worldly goods. And then she vanished. Handing out more red gloves with canadian flags on them.

Then an angel appeared. His name is Steve and we disassembled our friend’s tent, carried his things to a vehicle, and met him in his new home, to which he rode his bicycle, puling a cart in which rode his cat, the love of his life, “Buddy.”

Then another angel appeared; his name is Dave, and he’s from Vancouver’s Downtown Wastside. And then another; his name’s Mike Archer. Housing homeless people is not a one-size-fits-all, nor can it be done at the hour of their packing up under the watch of a dozen or so police officers. Peace to those who are sleeping outdoors tonight in the rainy weather.

Snow on the ground. A little more mercy is all I need.

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