How Can Abby, Chilliwack Politicians Approve Pipeline Despite Clear Evidence Of Danger?

By April 3, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. It just boggles the mind how Abbotsford and Chilliwack Council members who are FVRD Directors could agree to potentially allow the possibility of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion which will carry toxic diluted bitumen:

Take a look at what is at risk from a tar sands spill:

Here is a fox News video of what it could look like if there was a third
spill from a Trans Mountain pipeline in the Fraser Valley. Suggest that
you expand it to full screen to get a good look at the oil in the
residential neighbourhoods and the wetlands of Mayflower Arkansas.

Lynn Perrin BGS MPP
FairAll Consulting

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    For Abbotsford mayor and Council, “sitting on the fence.”

    Abbotsford Council follows the direction of the Abbotsford
    Chamber Executive and the Abbotsford Chamber, obviously,
    supports the stand of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce, who
    strongly supports the oil Industry plans to develop both
    the KinderMorgan and TransMountain Pipeline.

    Abbotsford Council, furthermore, have their on the financial
    gain from the taxes of an expanded TM pipeline without thinking
    about the consequences, WHEN not IF there is a pipeline spill
    along a pipeline, which already runs thru residential areas, but,
    most importantly very near several schools in the Clayburn area
    right onto the Matsqui Flats.

    Lynn Perrin has been working hard behind the scenes to address
    the safety issues related to a spill and to ensure Abbotsford
    would be compensated adequately, when a spill does occur.

    She has done this thru interaction with the National Energy Board
    and Trans Mtn. Pipeline, on behalf of the Abbotsford taxpayer.

    What has the City of Abbotsford been doing to check out all the
    facts, related to this pipeline expansion plan and the risks to
    public safety?

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