How Can Veterinarians Not Notice The Inescapable Signs Of Abuse?

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The BC Milk Marketing Board acted swiftly after animal cruelty charges were recommended against eight employees of Chilliwack Cattle Company owned by the Kooyman family of Chilliwack by suspending milk pickup from the farm until it could be assured the animals there were being taken care of and properly treated.

On June 12 and 13 the board met and on June 14, based on assurance from veterinarians saying that BC SPCA requirements would be followed, BC Milk Marketing Board resumed milk shipments from the farm. Veterinarians are reported to have made regular visits to the farm but they apparently didn’t notice a thing or at least didn’t report it.

Question: How can a qualified veterinarian not notice the open sores, ulcerated wounds, bruised and battered animals and body parts strewn about the floor of such a place. The owners and the veterinarians may not have been around on the repeated and various times at which the video was shot but how is it possible that they did not notice or at least report such obvious evidence of bad treatment? If you can answer this question, as a farmer, or a veterinarian, please submit a comment below so that we help the public understand how this kind of treatment of animals can continue for so long.

cow wound1cow wound 2
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT. Undercover Video at Chilliwack Cattle Company



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