How Do You Do?

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Submitted. If you were an archaeologist in this province, how would you know where to dig? And once you’d dug something up, what would a conservationist have to do to preserve what was found? What do archivists do anyhow? What trades must you involve to care for archival and archaeological artefacts? How do you do…what you do?

At the MSA Museum we know the answers to these questions, but do you? Most people don’t, and yet they are interested not just in what we do, but in how we do it, so we decided to create an event about the topic.

The event is for anyone interested in heritage, studying heritage, working with heritage or in the heritage sector and/or anyone who participates in the “chain of command” of collectible artefacts, from the remote sensing stage (the “how do we know where to dig, how do we find archaeological artefacts” stage, including heritage planners, archaeologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, GIS, GPR and so on) and the excavation stage, to the exhibit stage (including archivists, collections managers, curators, conservationists, heritage architects etc.) – and anyone in between.

At the museum, we have an archaeologist on staff, a collections manager and an archivist, and we are in continuous contact with all kinds of other trades. In order to manage and preserve our joint heritage each one of us must know what the other one does, the basics of how they do it and what is state of the art in their own field. We invite you, the general public, to attend this event, listen to the presentations and join us in a roundtable discussion and give your two cents on what you feel is important and why it is important to you how we deal with heritage.

The presenters will range from students from local anthropology, archaeology and archives programs to museum and archives staff. Each session will include a short Q& A. At lunch you will have an option to bring your own brown bag lunch or purchase a catered lunch.

Our “How do you do?” event takes place here at Trethewey House on May 17th, 2014, from 10 to 4.

For more information please call 604 853-0313 or visit the MSA Museum website for more info.

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