How To Mix & Match Pattern And Texture

By November 8, 2014Fashion

By Justine Mercer. Mixing pattern and texture can be a little tricky, but if it is done properly you will look like a million bucks! It’s important to use the trial and error process to see if the outfit will work for you, otherwise you may leave the house in a very overwhelming outfit which can come across as a tad bit tacky. If you’re daring enough to try it here are some tips on mixing pattern and texture:

▪ Use colours from the same colour family so your outfit will tie in together (if you are wearing a striped grey/pink top, your bottom should have bits of grey or pink to tie in)

▪ Add neutral solids to your outfit (if you are going to mix pattern/texture on top and bottom add a solid coloured bag and shoe so your outfit isn’t too overwhelming)

▪ Always mix patterns of different sizes and density to keep a well balanced look (mix small prints with large prints/heavy fabrics with lighter weight fabrics)

▪ Avoid matching head to toe (do not wear a leopard print top with leopard print bottom, this will not look flattering – instead try leopard print with stripes for a more balanced look)

Remember: Pattern and texture will add interest to your look so don’t be shy, just be creative and have fun with it!

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