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By December 26, 2014Fashion

By Justine Mercer. As the world is becoming more and more eco-friendly the idea of “thrifting” or thrift shopping is increasing in popularity in our community. Thrift shopping can be overwhelming at times depending on the set up and organization of the store, but with some simple tips thrifting can be made fun and stress free.

Thrift Tip #1: Research out thrift stores in your area before you leave the house.

Thrift Tip #2: Bring cash as many thrift stores will not accept credit cards.

Thrift Tip #3: Have patience. Do not go thrift shopping when you are in a rush as it can take time to go through the racks to score a hot item.

Thrift Tip #4: Keep your eyes open for designer brands as these are high quality and will last a long time. You will also be paying a great price.

Thrift Tip#5: Take a good look at the item and inspect for any damage.

Thrift Tip #6: Ask if new stock gets put out on certain days and check back frequently as the good stuff will not last long.

If you are a thrift shopper or just like to search for that one of a kind piece here are some good stores that are worth checking out:
Value Village
The Salvation Army
True Value Vintage Clothing
F as in Frank

On a side note: I recently discovered a store in Coos Bay, Oregon that caught my eye. After speaking with the owner of Time Bomb Clothing Exchange I highly recommend to anyone visiting the area to check it out. Time Bomb is a clothing exchange and urban thrift store. They buy, sell, and trade clothing and accessories directly from customers. You can also find sporting equipment and skateboards at Time Bomb which makes for a unique concept. Time Bomb is located at 175 S 3rd Street, Coos Bay, Oregon.

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