Hypocrisy And Biased Opposition Prevails At Mission

By November 3, 2014Hot Topic

By George F. Evens. Randy Hawes presumably has a small following of cyber trolls and political bullies that want to get him back to the trough. This follows an earlier attempt to be an architect and author of a political slate called CRMG that formed to rid Mission of a dysfunctional Council. It was a success and CRMG has governed for the last term, making some improvements but equally a lot of mistakes. The most obvious mistake was the incompetent vetting of Candidates by Mr. Hawes and in all likelihood his poor judgment and behaviour publicly demonstrated as an MLA. In due course, when CRMG balked at certain conditions the slate entered a perceived fast tract to eventual imploding, four Councillor resigned, and an unprecedented “vote of non-confidence” against the Mayor. In the mess, Randy Hawes and others resigned. Suddenly all his failings came home to roost but in expected vindictive manner Mr. Hawes seeking scapegoats for his ineptness blamed the sleazy of CRMF, that “Slates” were no good and he announced he would “ride in on his White Horse to save Mission from a fate worse than ruin presumably, he would run for Mayor and come out of his retirement to do so.

In quick step a former District senior staff and an ousted disgruntled Councillor decided to personally attack CRMG and the public has witnessed an unprecedented onslaught of postings to near every topic posted on the Mission Voice site but the verbage became so biased, repetitive and angry, fostered by an enlarged ego, this small group of cronies would now focus their wrath on anyone who would oppose their wanton disregard for civility.

Hence, as is my custom, as an Advocate with many hats, I decided to commence a similar posting to refute all instances of inaccuracies, biased, repetitive commentary and seek a semblance of truth as the vindictive nature of attacks was unreasonable and detracting from a proper election campaign. One Candidate for Councillor, who Randy Hawes had nominated and was friends with for over 25 years, remarked, why I was trying to belittle and be negative of people, obviously worried and of course no hypocrisy or bias here but clearly trying to soften the blows landing squarely on Mr. Hawes head. I responded saying, Jim Hinds, “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said”, but I note you seem to be relegated to maybe third string opposition, in that you are running for Council, so expressing your bias is not a good trait and baggage you may want, particularly if elected. But to explain, you or most other troll-like posters on the Mission Voice site, which mostly are traced back to cronies/supporters of Randy Hawes, are visibly identifiable by history and admitted relationships, such as you being nominated by Randy and boast to being a 25 year friend. So, while I may accept your advice as sage otherwise, I find, like most, you lack total credibility in what you say.

Randy Hawes has alluded to “people not knowing him” which is hypocrisy given many of us have observed his moribund performance since back in the 1990’s as Mayor, jumping ship from Mayor, at what cost to Mission, but to become an MLA, to his leaving his MLA position last election. But his premise is factual otherwise, as in your case and indeed some, for example, commenting about me is ludicrous, as you have never met me and clearly most posting are all identifiable as part of the crony slate that certainly has no relevance to seeking facts, it is totally emotional, personal and frankly wrong based assumptions that Dennis Clark epitomizes frequently. But the most glaring is the expectation that the majority of sane and otherwise unbiased residents, who know facts, would pay your cronies any heed, while in the voting booth.

Let me hasten to add, four major salient points: First, I have been an Advocate for people & animals dating back to 1988, with numerous representation of individuals to authorities, to delegations to Municipalities across Greater Vancouver and FVRD, to submissions on numerous issues to each level of Government, most recent efforts on behalf of Citizens & Pets to save Animals lives, eliminate cruelty & improve Animal Welfare care since (1995), political pundit, recommendations to improve voting and increase Municipal voter turnout, since (1988), particular focus upon neglected Seniors’ and notably no Seniors’ facilities in Mission, since (2006); Second, I vigorously advocate, Letters to Editors & Columns in local papers, posting on several sites, like Mission Voice but check the Mission City Record today and see how many issues I am pursuing, in essence, putting my money where my mouth is, compared to some 24,000 eligible voters and how many have actually posted comments to some very important issues, some of which should be considered when deciding “who to vote for”?.

Third, consult my web site www.thecouncilclaw.ca to witness fact as to multitude of advocacy undertaken. As well, consult Abbotsford Today online paper www.abbotsfordtoday.ca and “Search” “News To You” to witness literally hundreds of causes & issues I pursue, that many may be beneficial to most families reading this posting.

Fourth and last reference, I started to offer opposition to your cronies, such as, yourself, Randy Hawes, Dennis Clark, Mike Scudder, Morris Goodchild and others who, many in self-serving manner, click “Like” on their incessant postings and attempt to dominate this site, with exceedingly obvious bias, immediate anger and disrespectful dialogue to any who oppose them, given, as previously in “Staff” or “elected Council”, for example, similarly felt, “they know it all, don’t be responsive to the Public”, that with advent of CRMG, who rightly turfed out all the dysfunctional Council, at that time.

As an advocate, an individual who “speaks-out” when injustice, bullying and biased dialogue prevail, I decided to challenge obvious biased postings of Dennis Clark, Mike Scudder & Morris Goodchild, mainly to let them know, not all agreed but moreso, they did not speak for all, as their ego seemed to gather by their biased speaking out on most every topic listed on Mission Voice and noone offered any rebuttal. Hence, I felt disposed, as is my long standing custom, to offer facts to refute many of their unsubstantiated assumptions and glaring mistruths and perceived hatred of CRMG, not a very commendable adult or responsible behaviour nor, act of humanity towards one fellow human beings, I believe many may accept.

In closing, I post facts at any opportunity, am undaunted by “troll-like behaviour and the bullying I get”, from Morris Goodchild or others, as right is right, and whether you may perceive as “negative” I say, read all other postings, in the same context and perspective, for their negativity & bias and judge not, lest you be judged. I, too, favour a new Mayor, not a “recycled politician” as you and your cronies are touting, nor an incumbent, for all the obvious reasons and I favour an innovative, visionary and Mayor willing to learn and work with the people. That has always been my desire and unequivocal quest, nothing political or self-serving, as I witness too frequently by biased comments prevailing. Really, enough is enough Dennis, Mike & Morris and others, voters will decide and mustering “likes” on this site is an exercise in narcissistic behaviour, more than serving the public interests and opinions, as I seek to do by action and deeds. Not by fear mongering and assumptions or personally attacking any opponents to try and dissuade their democratic right to assembly and freedom of speech, if it differs from your bias.

Symptomatic of the intimidation and bias, Just today, Mike Scudder had the audacity to ask a Councillor Candidate if by coming to gatherings and sitting with an incumbent Councillor Jenny Stevens, was the candidate now “supporting her bid for re-electing or in sympathy with her politics”?

So, Jim, maybe you and readers who are not indifferent, who are objective and truly care, will know me a little better but I hardly expect you or many will bother viewing my site or “News To You”, but you may recognize the folly in your trying to get your crony elected, by insulting your opponents. Hopefully the majority of Voters may understand, first that Mission has become a dramatically divided community with 70%+ of voters too apathetic and indifferent to vote, which this ongoing moribund governance by our former MLA and successive Councils have fostered with Dennis Clark & Mike Scudder notably, biased rhetoric by your (cronies) does not help my objectivity and altruistic efforts to further Mission as a successful (inclusive) community and equally that our Citizens are given opportunity and respect.

So, if anyone wishes to debate an issue, do so but time to leave the mudslinging by your cronies behind and for Mission Voice to present issues for discussion and for all to stop biased insults about CRMG, we know who they are, just as most know who Randy Hawes is, so let’s witness some impartial journalism and more thoughtful comments that are productive to the issues, at hand, not trying to beat down opposition to (your) favourite politician or crony.

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