If What’s Happening To José Figueroa Is Right … Who Is Going To Want To Immigrate?

By October 8, 2013Hot Topic, Mike Archer

By Mike Archer. What is happening to José Figueroa and his family is unconscionable and what Langley MP Mark Warawa has said on the matter is simply not good enough.

The family moved to Canada legally 16 years ago.

Immigration Canada has refused Figueroa permanent residency status on the grounds that he was involved a left-wing protest group – Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) – during the El Salvador’s civil war when he was a student.

Immigration Canada agrees that Figueroa’s participation in the FMLN was never violent.

Warawa says he has spoken to Chris Alexander, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration who says that, despite all of the evidence that Figueroa represents no threat to Canada, his wife and three children must continue their life in Canada without him … and that is just that.

It’s the kind of anti-immigrant stance we have grown to expect from the Harper government and it is completely unacceptable. As national and international outrage mounts, Wararwa has a great deal more work to do in protecting a citizen of his riding from an over reaching, cold and heartless department which does not represent the views or beliefs of the majority of Canadians.

If what is happening to José Figueroa is right, who in their right mind would immigrate to Canada?

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  • meghanncoughlan says:

    What makes this even more ridiculous is that the National Civilain Police force is comprised of 20% National Police, 20% Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) and 60% with no involvement in the civil war. If former FMLN guerillas are good enough for the National Police, I can’t see why there should be an issue with respect to immigration.

    A bit of back story on EL Salvador: In 1972, the left-wing presidential candidate, Jose Napoleon Duarte, won the election. The military promptly declared the results false and put their own man in charge.

    Harper & co. are a bunch of xenophobes. There is absolutely nothing right about what is happening to Jose Figueroa. Nothing at all.

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