iGolf Systems Announces Partnership With Quantival

By December 1, 2014Business News

Submitted. iGolf Systems, a division of Circle Graphics & Design, has released a updated internet based tee time booking system. The new version can incorporate Quantival’s Intelligent Pricing Engine (IPE) to provide golf course operators dynamic pricing for tee times. The National Golf Course Owners Association of Canada, NGCOA, is firmly committed to support this initiative.

“Quantival is excited to establish a relationship with a leading provider of golf management software like IGolfSystems,” said Richard Bennett, Executive Director at Quantival,Inc. “By enabling customers to deploy fully automated dynamic pricing in partnership with iGolf Systems we will take golf pricing and customer service to the next level, saving money and staff time for golf operators while providing a richer array of tee times and improved service to golfers.”

Quantival is the worldwide leader in dynamic pricing for golf. Quantival’s Intelligent Pricing EngineTM optimizes pricing for golf course green fees and for all other golf course revenue centers by continuously analyzing demand across multiple of variables. The engine calculates and provides a price for each round of golf and then continuously learns with each new transaction.

Quantival’s Chairman and Co-Founder Dr. Nile W. Hatch is amongst the leading organizational developers of pragmatic demand-based pricing. Dr. Hatch is a professor at the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management and was formerly an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Research Fellow at the renowned Univ. of California at Berkeley. His work has been named on the cover of Harvard Business Review and he has consulted with numerous corporations.

“Our goal is to simply provide the golf course industry a suite of products that helps manage their resources efficiently and grows their golf course revenues” says Brad Haima, president of Circle Graphics & Design. “Our Company was formed in 1994 and we’ve been involved with internet based software since the internet came into being. We are a fast and flexible company that developed our iGolf Software in 2002. We are avid golfers and grew frustrated booking tee- times over the phone. Since those early days, with the help of golf professionals, golf course managers and consultants we’ve added a complete suite of products and services which covers the complete operation of today’s golf courses.”

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