In Abbotsford Economic Growth, Seems Only To Benefit Very Few

By March 10, 2014Abnor, Satire

By Abnor. After a friendly soul bought me a coffee downtown I wandered across the railway tracks and over to the ‘MCC Dignity Village’ Teepee over on Gladys.

Man those folks are dug in. Same friends as were camped up at Jubilee last fall. Finally somewhere safe where the cops leave them alone and they can get some sleep.


I couldn’t help notice the eviction notice on the Teepee telling them to move by January 2nd. Pretty stressful when you think of it. Living under an eviction notice that is two months old, knowing they could swoop down at any minute and start the Abbotsford Shuffle all over again.

– Pick up your shit. Move along. Gotta get outta here. You know you’re not allowed …

– Fuck off. Where do I go. Leave my shit alone

They haven’t had to go through that since Barry and the lawyers made the cops back off and the City think twice but still … when are they coming … and where are we going next … it makes for a stressful life.

I keep hearing about economic development and business growth and I keep wondering what they’re talking about. It sure ain’t happening anywhere I go in Abbotsford and the number of people who no longer living in houses keeps growing.

What does economic growth in Abbotsford mean?

Does it mean the already rich get a bit more rich? It sure doesn’t seem to mean that anybody else gets rich or, for that matter, that any more of us get to live indoors.

Wish someone could convince the mayor to come by the Teepee and get to know the people he wants to lock up … for their own good.

I wonder what he would do if he lost his job, his home, his mustang?


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