In Abbotsford, Money Trumps Deliverance

By February 18, 2014Abnor, Satire

By Abnor. No matter how they want to dress it up, knowing full well that the $15.3 Million in provincial funding is not coming back, and that the Fraser Health red herring will never materialize, Bruce Banman, Bill MacGregor, Les Barkman and John Smith have now enshrined as their legacy that, in Abbotsford, when given a choice between a merchant’s right to make money and homeless man’s right to deliverance, money trumps deliverance.

Sounding truly biblical, Councillor MacGregor actually said, “It matters not where they are tended but that they be tended” and then proceed to make where they were tended the most important issue in his mind.

A more confused and confusing man is hard to imagine but Mayor Banman topped even MacGuire when he used his position as Mayor to interfere in a 4-3 majority vote of council to put an end to the proposal after complaining that the provincial government needed to come to the table.

Councillor Barkman
Les Barkman
Councillor MacGregor
Bill MacGregor
Councillor Smith
John Smith
Mayor Banman

Mayor Bruce Banman


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  • Bas Stevens says:

    To Councilor John Smith and others reading this comment, I encourage each of you to do a search for the Rotary Four Way Test. As a Rotarian, this test is a oath that we take as to how we conduct our lives, the things that we say and do.

    Now that you have read it, Councilor Smith included, would one be able to say that Councilor John Smith has met the criteria of the test?

    I would have to say that Councilor John Smith has failed miserably, don’t you agree?

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