By Abnor. What would you think if there were a flurry of activity involving all of the organizations that rely on politicians for financial support in helping the ‘acceptable’ poor in advance of the City’s move to get an injunction to forcibly evict the Drug War Survivors (DWS) – the ‘unacceptable’ poor – from Jubilee Park.

If suddenly, the organizations which either usually have little or no time for the ‘unacceptable’ group, or even appear to actively oppose them (Email Reveals Sally Ann Approved Of Chicken Manure Dump), are having hurried ad hoc meetings sometimes with City staff; sometimes with Abbotsford Police Department (APD) members, designed, perhaps, to remove members of the Abbotsford Drug War Survivors from the protest village they have set up in Jubilee Park … would that be right?

Let’s say the meetings, with a few of the camp residents, in small groups, were being held, ostensibly in order to find housing for the men and women within the current housing offerings in the City. Let’s say the members of the protest who have been pulled into these meetings have no desire to leave the security they have found in Jubilee Park, what does that say for their level of trust of the authorities, some of which have abused, harassed and alienated them by doing things like moving addiction services so far away from those who need it they can no longer access it or attacking them with chicken feces.

That would appear a little unfair wouldn’t it?

It might lead some to wonder why the authorities, all of which rely on provincial government funding, are suddenly interested in helping them just days before the City of Abbotsford appears in court seeking an injunction to force them back onto the street and into the ditches where they either get attacked with chicken feces or just moved relentlessly around town..

A lawyer friend of mine (yes … I know lawyers) says that the behaviour would be questionable from a legal standpoint seeing as DWS members are represented by lawyers in several court cases against the City of Abbotsford and the APD.

Communicating directly with litigants in the absence of their lawyers, especially when the litigants are in such a vulnerable position as Abbotsford’s unwanted drug addicts, is just the sort of behaviour my lawyer friend ( from Bickers & Bickers law firm) says might make a judge agree that these people have everything to fear from the City, the APD and the government-funded organizations who appear, for all intents and purposes, to be doing the City and the APD’s bidding in order, perhaps, to break their spirit and break up their protest.

I would certainly hope these organizations wouldn’t be so reckless in acting on behalf of the citizens of Abbotsford, as to involve one of the named defendants in the lawsuits and/or human rights complaints in any of these meetings or negotiations.

That would just be stupid. Wouldn’t it?

What a despicable expenditure of public funds it would be if that were the case. Instead of working to find a solution to the Abbotsford Homeless Crisis these quasi civil servants would in fact be using public money to fight a sneaky, dirty tricks campaign against Abbotsford’s ‘unacceptable’ homeless on behalf of the very people who have been hurting, harassing, abusing and stealing from them all these years.

That would be inexcusable. Wouldn’t it?


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