International Overdose Awareness Day, August 31, Abbotsford

By August 21, 2016Health

Submitted. Often we look for and try to reduce risk factors that might lead to harmful substance use. The problem with this approach can be two-fold. One, risk factors are not very accurate predictors of poor outcomes. Two, often risk factors are hard to address, as they may be socially or systemically embedded.

Thankfully, three simple resiliency factors are more predictive of thriving, no matter the extent of risk factors in a person’s life. What’s better, the Abbotsford community and the region not only can, but already are doing much aimed at supporting resiliency in people whose challenges have gotten tangled up with substance use and its dangers.

Youth and Young Adults from VYPER in Fraser North and Fraser East will be contributing to two presentations to commemorate Overdose Awareness Day… highlighting innovative programs that are building toward evidence-based resiliency factors, and suggesting how we can continue to build on and evaluate these innovations.


For details of this event please click here.

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