ITRON Smart Meters Melt And Burn In BC

By August 27, 2014Provincial Politics

By the Coalition To Stop Smart Meters. On August 20, 2014 a smart meter fire report was sent to every MLA, including Energy Minister Bill Bennett and Premier Christy Clark, which refutes repeated assertions that no smart meters fires have occurred in British Columbia.

The Fire Report gives details of an ongoing investigation that shows that more fires, and failures that if not caught early would have led to fires, have occurred in BC than in Saskatchewan and Portland, Oregon – where the programs were ordered stopped and smart meters are
being removed from homes.

No one has responded to these charges.

Several years ago the Liberal Government cut funding to the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC).
Now the OFC reports that it only examines fires with “significant “ damage. The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters suspects that there is a connection.

What is equally concerning is that regulations put in place to protect the public are being ignored and that the only official report attesting to the safety of smart meters was written by a consultant at the behest of BC Hydro, paid to do so by BC Hydro, and who acquired his data exclusively from an agency that is unable to track smart meter fires.

The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters asks what we have to do to get our government to protect our citizens as the governments of Saskatchewan and Portland, Oregon governments are protecting theirs.

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