Jakob Needs A Seizure Dog

By May 19, 2014Faith, Pets

Meet Jakob!
This wonderful three year old loves the alphabet, colouring, and most of all getting into mischief with his little brother Ashton! Jakob’s three years have had many health challenges as Jakob has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Because of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Jakob has tumours in his heart, kidneys, eyes, skin and brain.

Although all these tumours are health concerns, the tumours in his brain have resulted in uncontrollable epilepsy and developmental delays

In 2013 Jakob underwent brain surgeries with the hope of seizure management. Unfortunately, Jakob continues to have daily seizures. Some of these seizures are status seizures which begin suddenly and render three year old Jakob unconscious as he convulses. These status seizures are terrifying and require immediate emergency intervention and hospitalization. Seizures are, unfortunately, a part of Jakob’s daily life.

Because of Jakob’s age and developmental ability he is unable to communicate most things. This includes communication of how his body is feeling or when he is experiencing a seizure. Jakob goes through periods where he struggles with sleep. His behavior can become challenging and he can become inconsolable. His family lives in fear of a major seizure event. Especially that a major seizure event could occur in times when they are unaware or are unable to elicit the help he needs in time.

Fortunately, Jakob has been approved for a seizure dog through 4 Paws For Ability that would be with this three year old 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This
dog would be trained to protect and care for Jakob in ways that his caregivers can not. This dog will be trained to alert those around Jakob of an oncoming seizure, guide Jakob safely in crowds, track him if he wandered away, and be a comfort and distraction during times of distress or confusion.

A seizure alert service dog would provide Jakob’s entire family with an overwhelming peace of mind as they are unable to keep Jakob under constant supervision. It will give them comfort and Jakob security as he attends pre-school and participates in the activities of his peers.

The path of living with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex is like walking through a minefield and Jakob’s family carries the burden of knowing at any moment an explosion could occur. As parents James and Sheri live with this constant ache in their hearts. This is where you come in! Supporting Jakob in his fundraising efforts will help him achieve his SAFE independence as he grows and lives life to the fullest, blessing him and his family in unimaginable ways!

Please visit Jakob’s page and consider donating:

One more opportunity to help exists; On Sunday, June 22 at 7pm a fundraising event will occur at 6331 – 176 Street, Surrey. The Carnival themed occasion will include a silent auction, door prizes, circus performers, delicious food and more. All proceeds go toward a life saving seizure dog for Jakob. For tickets or more information please contact WestWinds Community Church 604-576-9407

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