Just How Dumb Does The FVRD Think Valley Residents Are?

By AmbrÖse Bierce. The Sisters Sludge – Sharon Gaetz and Patricia Ross – are at it again on Twitter, this time, directing Fraser Valley regional District ( FVRD) staff to tweet Metro Vancouver asking the following question:

FVRD @FVRD1 · Jun 18

@MetroVancouver Where is the health effects study for the Burnaby Incinerator? Find out the impacts of this facility before building more.

Well, guys,  Today Media found the study, err, studies, in a tweet posted by Metro Vancouver the day before FVRD asked the question and published the answer (Metro Debunks Danger To Fraser Valley Air). Here it is:

Metro Vancouver @MetroVancouver · Jun 17

In-depth review of health studies on #WasteToEnergy finds no human health risks #BCpolihttp://owl.li/y9oBF 


Literature Review of Potential Health Risk Issues Associated with New Waste-to-Energy Facilities



A comprehensive examination of peer-reviewed scientific studies and government and industry reports shows there are no unacceptable health risks to residents living in the vicinity of a modern waste-to-energy facility equipped with the best-available pollution control technologies.

Metro Vancouver commissioned Intrinsik, an environmental and health consulting company, to evaluate the current body of evidence in order to identify and evaluate potential health risks resulting from our proposed new waste-to-energy project.

The review looked at studies and reports published after 2007 that evaluated potential risks from modern facilities with the latest pollution controls. The goal of the review was to identify and discuss health issues that have been identified by environmental non-governmental organizations, the scientific community, health authorities, and concerned members of the public.

The vast majority of articles assessed the health impacts of mass-burn waste-to-energy facilities. There are far fewer gasification plants in operation, so only one article assessed the effects of that technology. The report recommended that Metro Vancouver could apply the results to all technologies under consideration because it is unlikely that emissions would involve significantly different compounds based on the technology employed.

In addition, a site-specific human health risk assessment will be completed once a site for the waste-to-energy project is determined. The assessment will capture potential health risks associated with any type of technology.

To address concerns regarding social and economic impacts and risks to human health of Metro Vancouver’s waste-to-energy project Metro Vancouver is conducting and commissioning studies and reviews to provide credible and up-to-date scientific information.

Bad PR Image


Just how dumb do the swivel servants (or their political masters) at FVRD and the Board that governs them think taxpayers are? If Today Media  can find the—credible—peer reviewed studies produced by Metro Vancouver so can tax payers.

Furthermore, instead of engaging in intelligent, science and evidence-based discussions with Metro Vancouver, the FVRD has chosen to battle them in a one-sided twitter and media release war with Metro Vancouver.

It’s embarrassing to people who like people to know what they’re talking about before they open their mouths.

Most recently, Paul Gipps, FVRD Chief Dumb Officer issued a senseless press release, one of many in recent weeks, applauding the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) for asking BC Hydro tough questions in response to Metro Vancouver’s filing for an Electricity Purchase Agreement for the waste to energy incinerator proposal.

This was news that was reported in April a republished, at taxpayer expense by the FVRD in June. There is nothing new nor surprising about BCUC conducting a rigorous review of Metro Vancouver’s Electricity Application. That is their job.

Instead of directing staff to tweet about yarn bombs, space ships and who is who in the FVRD zoo, Sharon and Patricia should take a page out of Metro Vancouver’s approach and direct staff to tweet scientific and factual information that is relevant to the citizens who elect the Board and to whom the Board should at least pretend to want to report.


AmbrÖse Bierce

AmbrÖse Bierce

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