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From Facebook. Abbotsford Community Services (ACS) remains committed to pursuing low barrier supportive housing in Abbotsford.


Here is one man’s story.

I met John one morning as he was walking to the Salvation Army for breakfast. He didn’t look ‘street-entrenched homeless’ but in fact he was. He manages to do his best by couch surfing mostly.

He worked for 18 years at Clayburn Industries but was laid off when the manufacturing plant permanently closed in the summer of 2011. John’s not a young man anymore so finding another job has been a struggle.

What else was he going to do after having breakfast at the Sally Ann? Then he planned to come to ACS to have his income tax prepared by trained volunteers.

He needs that refund to put a little extra cash in his pocket. He’s not a drug addict. Never has been. He drinks occasionally – just like you and me, but he has no addiction or mental health issues. John would have been the ideal candidate for the proposed supportive housing project at 2408 Montvue. Unfortunately,

ACS was not successful in getting the necessary re-zoning for the project. So, John still has no home. Let’s keep this conversation going. PS – Thanks Again to the 4 councilors who voted in favor of the project.

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