KIll Matilda Opens Tour Friday At Gator’s Pub

Kill Matilda just can’t sit still even when the odds are against them. From a tumor in a carotid artery to an Ectopic pregnancy, when a band is on an ass-kicking mission to Punk, Zombie and Rock n’ Roll, who can really blame them to ever stop?

The band is performing the first date of the tour in Abbotsford, BC on Feb 28th at Gator’s Pub.

Photo: L-R – Marcus Luk (Drums) – Mykel Exner (Bass) – Dusty Exner (Vocals/Guitar) (Photo Credit: Terryis Gane)

“I have a guitar, I have a microphone. One week out of my hospital bed, I will meet you onstage.” Dusty Exner (vocalist/guitarist) – A Rocky Start, A Re-commitment


Touring and moving around their native country of Canada relentlessly, Kill Matilda has called B.C., Quebec and Ontario home over the last few years, making it exceptionally clear that they mean business. As their journey continues, the band is gearing up once again to hit the road across the country from Vancouver to Montreal and settling in Toronto for a second time.


The zombie hunters will be on tour in promotion of their new release ‘#Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll’, a six song EP/ re-release featuring tracks from their 2011 full-length album ‘I Want Revenge’ with an acoustic rendition of ‘Geisha With A Switchblade’. The EP is set for official release on March 4th and will be accompanied by a comic book created by vocalist/guitarist Dusty Exner.


EP Stream

MatildaTrack Listing: #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll


1. Pomegranate [Youtube] 2. I Want Revenge [Youtube] 3. Zombie Apocalypse [Youtube] 4. Law Abiding Citizen [Youtube] 5. PBJ [Youtube] 6. Geisha With A Switchblade (Acoustic) [Youtube]


Also in the plans for later this year, the band will be releasing their yet to be titled follow up EP produced by producer extraordinaire Garth Richardson.


“The amazing attention of Garth Richardson! Although this man has produced so many amazing albums and we’re not the only band getting some attention and love, he took the extra steps to personally engineer our new album, which is something he has not done in like, 10 years or something. That makes me feel very, very special.” says KM vocalist/guitarist Dusty Exner.


About KM:


The band is charged again with the task of clearing the nation of a spreading zombie epidemic after a life or death encounter one fateful night, Kill Matilda is rising to the challenge of zombie management. Specially trained to combat these unruly creatures, Kill Matilda is armed with two incomparable, indestructible, advantageous tools: With their bone-crushing music and front woman Dusty Exner’s famous cookies.


Showcasing the energy, power and adrenaline-soaked insanity Kill Matilda is famous for, anyone who chooses to tempt fate and not pick up ‘#Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll’ and I Want Revenge’, or anyone who opts to not support KM’s zombiecide mission on the band’s upcoming cross-Canada tour, you’ve been warned – Kill Matilda may be coming for you next.


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