Kinder Morgan’s Real Contribution To Canada’s Bottom Line

By November 26, 2014From The Cheap Seats

From The Tyee. For those still wondering whether or not the Harper-government-supported, National-Energy-Board-supported Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan should be allowed to push a pipeline through the floor of the Fraser Valley, here are some numbers which may surprise you about just how much of a contribution the American company makes to Canada for all the risks it is asking us to take.

A detailed analysis in the The Tyee by Robyn Allan showed that Kinder Morgan — a U.S.-based “master limited partnership” formed from assets of Enron — paid Canadian taxpayers a mere $1.5 million annually averaged between 2009 and 2013. The Trans Mountain pipeline provided Kinder Morgan average annual revenues of $172 million over this period, meaning the company paid an effective tax rate of less than one per cent.

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