Lanka Jewels Fundraiser To Buy A Service Dog For Jaxon Bruce

By December 4, 2013Mission News, Valley News

Submitted. Lanka Jewels teams up with a local family to raise funds for a beautiful boy named Jaxon. The youngest of three, Jaxon Bruce is only three years old. Although Jaxon looks like any other child, he isn’t the same. He suffers from autism.

Although there are varying degrees of autism, Jaxon has crippling behavioural issues, requiring assistance for even the simplest of tasks, and, due to extreme anxiety, Jaxon requires ongoing therapy for his sensory issues. His tendency to run away causes his parents great stress especially while raising their other children of which another also has autism.

Research states that service dogs (known as Autism Service Dogs) can help temper children suffering from autism as their protective and nurturing ways have a calming effect. They can also assist with ‘search and rescue’ missions. Jaxon’s parents, Hollie and Jeremy Bruce, strongly feel that a service dog will help their child, but since the cost amounts to $25,000 they haven’t been able to afford one.

“Service dogs serve a multitude of purposes, including therapeutic exercise, companionship, protection, and personal search and rescue. Most importantly the dog will be a companion that will become Jaxon’s best friend and confidante. This service dog will do so much and more in helping Jaxon in his everyday life,” says Hollie.

Lanka Jewels is holding a raffle draw and donating a two-carat diamond tennis bracelet. The bracelet will be awarded on Christmas Eve and is valued at $2,500. All the funds will be donated to the Bruce family.

“We have always believed in supporting our local communities. In fact, I feel that it’s our responsibility to do so. When we heard this story, we agreed to help immediately. With the Christmas season approaching, we all feel more generous and compelled to help one another. Our community has always been so family-oriented. I have no doubt that they will come forward and support little Jaxon,” says Ken Selvaraja, owner of Lanka Jewels.

Raffle tickets are only $20 and are available online and at Lanka Jewels located at the Junction in Mission, BC. The proceeds from rubber wristbands are also going to the Bruce family, and are available at select Mission businesses–Lanka Jewels, T&T Auto Parts, Natural Reflections and Mr. Pets for $5.00.

For more information on Autism Service Dogs, visit . To buy tickets, visit the Sales and Events section at

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