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By February 17, 2013Municipal Politics

After Abbotsford Today published an in-depth interview with Stephen Butz. President of the YMCA, Vancouver [The YMCA’s Position] columnist Walter Neufeld published an open letter to Mr. Butz [Response To YMCA].

Mr. Butz and Mr. Neufeld’s responses to one another follow:

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From: Walter Neufeld
Date:Sat, Feb 16, 2013 10:46 am
To:Steve Butz

Dear Mr. Butz,

Thanks for your email.

With all due respect, your letter dismisses my previous letters expressed concerns as being irrelevant to our community. It goes on to bracket the word “community” to suggest that you possess a superior understanding of this community’s concerns.

If you possess a clearer understanding of this community’s concerns, why not prove your point by responding to the actual concerns being raised? That way, my “hardened assumptions” will be exposed for what they are. And I will have been gently chastened in the process.

As it stands now, YMCA leaves the impression that it’s hiding something by its ongoing refusal to meaningfully respond to the relevant issues.

Abbotsford’s “community” awaits your response.

Walter Neufeld

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From: Steve Butz click here.

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