UPDATE: Laurie Throness Should Resign

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9/3/14 – Throness Deletes and Shuts Down Facebook Comments

From Facebook: Heather Attridge [says] and now he’s deleted and block any comments on his Facebook page

9/2/14 – Laurie Throness Should Resign

By Mike Archer. MLA Laurie Throness, representing Chilliwack-Hope, posted the following notice on the door of his constituency office Tuesday in response to the legal protest by teachers on the sidewalk outside.

“In order to reduce confrontation and ensure worker safety, this office will remain closed during picketing activities.”

Unless Mr. Throness has a documented instance of threatening behaviour on the part of a teacher towards him or his employees, which he has reported to the RCMP, he should resign his position as member of the legislative assembly of this province.

To imply that the men and women to whom we entrust the education and care of our children are responsible for threatening his or his staff’s safety, by the exercise of their democratic right to protest his government;s union-busting tactics is so arrogant, so deceitful, so untrue that it betrays an inability to tell fact from fiction, truth from lies, right from wrong.

MLA Darryl Plecas

MLA Darryl Plecas

By comparison, MLA Darryl Plecas of Abbotsford opened his office this morning with picketers outside, invited them in for coffee, cookies and refreshments and, when not all of them came in, he went out and spoke with the picketers for 45 minutes.

Now that’s a democrat. That’s a politician. That’s a man of courage and character. I’ve disagreed with MLA Plecas on many things and I’m sure I will find occasion to disagree with him some more but he got the courage it takes to do the job for which he was elected without hiding behind his staff.

Laurie Throness, who cowered in fear behind a locked door and a dishonest sign in the window has dishonoured himself and his office and no longer deserves to represent his constituents in Chilliwack-Hope.

Unless of course it was some stunt pulled by Liberal Party headquarters as a PR maneuver in the teacher’s strike … in which case Throness should resign because doesn’t understand that his job is to represent the views and needs of his constituents to Victoria – not Victoria’s views and needs to his constituents.

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