Law Society Will Vote Again On TWU Proposal

By September 26, 2014Faith, Issues

CBC News is reporting this morning that the BC Law Society will be holding another vote into the controversial faith-based law school proposed by Langley’s Trinity Western university (TWU).

TWU has run into some strong opposition in it plan to provide faith-based law from a variety of law societies and legal scholars across the country.

[excerpt] The governing members of the Law Society of British Columbia will once again take a vote that could determine the future of a faith-based law school at Trinity Western University.

The board members, who are known as benchers, will vote on three possible options today.
The first is to respect the wishes of the majority of B.C. lawyers who voted this past spring to call on benchers to reverse their decision to accredit the faith-based law school.

The second is to put the issue to another vote — this one binding — to all the society’s members.

The third is to wait for the courts to rule on the university’s legal challenge of decisions in Ontario and Nova Scotia to refuse to recognize the law school’s future graduates.

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