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By February 15, 2013Letters

Dear Editor: Re: “Sex Offender Strikes Again”… “The Warning Proves Prophetic” … Are you serious?? This is not prophetic, it is PATHETIC!!

A monster with 25 previous convictions for robbery and “heinous sexual assault” is released into our community by our so-called justice system. When are we going to make judges elected so we can boot them out onto the street where they belong, together with the criminals they let loose among us? The justice system in Canada stinks. There is NO justice in Canada.

We the people are just sacrificial lambs for the catch and release of wolves. This is the sport practiced by judges and lawyers. We pay with our lives to feed the criminals. Then with our taxes we pay for this system of job creation for judges and lawyers, as they perpetuate the revolving door for criminals. The police bring them in, the judges release them, the people bleed, and the people pay. If we had justice, we could do away with half the judges and lawyers, our streets would be safe, and the police would not have to risk their lives to catch these vermin over and over and over.

In my opinion, judges who release monsters like this among us, need to stand trial along with them when they re-offend, and be stuck together with them in the same cell during incarceration.

Eric van Steenis

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    It is truly a “catch and release’ system, when it
    comes to monitoring behavoirs and actions of people, who
    violate other people and/or their property.

    The costs to society are enormous, when someone’s disturbing
    and dysfunctional actions negatively affect the lives of others,
    because they do not receive the necessary supports, once, released from Jail.

  • Eric: Please run for office.

    I had a conversation with a fellow who works in a courtroom, as a clerk. This man said what we all know….that this is not a justice system.

    We have a legal system, and it does not exist to see justice done throughout the land. This system is there for the very lucrative world of law firms and judges.

    This horribly flawed ‘justice’ system can be fixed, but only if those in government have integrity and resolve to end this insanity.

    Telling parents and children to ‘watch out’ for rapists and murderers, because the ‘justice’ system knows they will strike again, makes those in authority the worst criminals – because they know it is impossible to stop all normal life to guard against the released monsters.

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