Letters: Immigrants Who Change Our Customs Are An Assault On Canada’s Culture

By April 25, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. A recent letter published in a local paper, titled “Kicking our Culture to the curb” (albeit in a different vein) describes my concerns for Canada’s culture and traditions.

There are many examples over the last several decades where some immigrants abandoned their own countries and bring their religion, traditions and customs with them and set about to change our culture traditions to suit themselves.

One recent event is allowing the wearing of the so-called Religious symbol the Kirpan in our courts. This is not only potentially dangerous and gives one group of Citizen’s special privileges but it also adds to the costs of vetting those individuals for criminal records, etc. Good luck checking the background of new immigrants.

As every assault on Canada’s culture is executed incrementally one step at a time, is the next step to allow prisoner’s to wear a Kirpan? The diminishing of our culture is analogous to a frog in a pot of cold water, then slowly applying heat until it’s too late for the frog to jump out to save itself.

Another attack on free speech, integral to our Culture was committed by our own Prime Minister when he disallowed his and our MPs to speak their disagreement with sex-selective abortion which is carried out in some cultures.

Why are we so quick to embrace the culture of some countries where females are treated as inferior, to be exploited? In India rape is commonplace with few ever reporting such events as they would be further victimized. Recent news reports out of that country should make us more wary of accepting their culture so readily.

A lot of blame for vandalizing our heritage, traditions and culture can be put squarely on our politicians attempting to garner votes from the often block voting ethnic communities.

Canada, aided by Christian principles, democracy and the Rule of Law has obviously become the envy of a lot of other citizens of the world so why should we accept diminution of our accomplishments that made us successful? It’s time to speak out or has the water already gotten too hot?

Yours truly,

T.B. Mortimer


Editor’s Note: We deleted the writer’s sentence about rape because we feel it is racist. While much of the rest of the letter is of a similar vein we have published it to engender conversation about why there seem to be different kinds and classes of immigrants whose cultural traditions, religious symbols, music and dress are embraced more easily (Scottish, Russian Mennonite, Irish, Ukrainian for e.g.) and yet for some the immigrant experience in Canada is much less welcoming and friendly. People of Asian South Asian descent seem, often, to have a much different immigrant experience than those of northern European descent.

Give us your thoughts.

Mike Archer

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