Mission CRMG Slate Imploding

By February 13, 2014Letters

By George F. Evens. The recent resignation of Councillor Tony Luck, followed former Councillor and campaign manager Ron Taylor’s resignation which should have raised a red flag but then Nelson Tilbury, resigned several months later and then Councillors Jenny Stevens & Councillor J. Jewell, now Councillor Luck abandoning CRMG

While the public expected the calamity to unfold, given the poor leadership by Mayor T. Adlem, only Councillor Luck more fully explained reasons in some detail. To those of us frequent “political observers and Council watchers” who witnessed first hand the amateur manner the Mayor conducted meetings and dealt with some of the Public in disrespectful mannerisms.

A “slate” must develop and adhere to strict commonly agreed policies, ethics and approaches if you seek to achieve any degree of continuity and long term success. Sadly, soon after observing Mayor Adlem, the “writing was on the wall” and failure was CRMG destiny. If a group of mature individuals cannot keep their collective act together and find solutions, then it is clear leadership failed and resolve and commitment was wanting, at best.

The “slate” achieved some positive goals, such as holding line on property taxes and commencing downtown redevelopment plans, among a few others. But sustainability comes from good leadership, not Power tripping on the Public or others, like witnessed from the Mayor too often and as was stated by Councillor Luck in his letter of resignation. Add the inertia by Councillor Nundal and a ship-wreck scenario prevails, thus appropriate at this stage, dissolution of CRMG is indicated.

However, a new Municipal Party (slate) may be warranted, just unsure rebuilding CRMG is possible. Unfortunately, it is anticipated the “usual 17 suspects” will appear again, as they do each election, even at Abbotsford, thus unless a (new slate) of several (new) candidates with some quality credentials emerge and decide to run, we may be prone to witnessing some of the same old rhetoric and heavens forbid, a re-election of some or many former (Independent) Councillors or Mayors of the past, most of whom are more narcissistic, how they feel about themselves, than inspiring of public confidence.

Those of us claiming “political pundit” status are watching proceedings closely and searching for qualified Candidates who can aspire to be community leaders that will meet community needs, not reflect, like CRMG of late, self-importance and internal conflicts.

Yours truly,

George F. Evens
George Evans

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