Letters Of Support Continue For ACS Supportive Housing Proposal

In advance of the February 3 Public Hearing into the Abbotsford Community Services/BC Housing proposal for a supportive housing project to house 20 homeless men the ACS continues to receive and publish letters of support.

“We are writing in support of the ACS proposal. There is fear that by building this facility we will encroach on the positive changes in the downtown area. There is also the fear that the building will attract more homeless people to our community. The list of fears goes on and on. You (Mayor & Council) were elected to deal with these fears and to act with hope and courage. It is not okay to turn a blind eye to homelessness. We applaud Abbotsford Community Services for their initiative in this area. Abbotsford council, you have been elected to represent all people in this community and to put your heads together to solve this problem. Please do not turn away from this proposal. Have faith, be brave and endorse this proposal!” – S. & T. Hinds

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