Letters: Time For Awards – No Time For Pipeline

By February 18, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. It is 7:08 pm on the evening of a Regular Council meeting and even though there was an award ceremony and the full agenda was dealt with, the meeting is adjourned.

I am extremely concerned that Abbotsford Council could not find the time,
energy or interest in an issue that impacts our community’s health,
environment and economy with regard to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain
pipeline which has suffered 78 spills since 1961 and 2 of them in
Abbotsford since 2005.

Not one word came from the lips of council
regarding the following correspondence:

The Enbridge pipeline spill at Kalamazoo Michigan which is along a river
similar to the Fraser in 2010 is a warning of the impacts on local
communities. Abbotsford has some responsibility in this as it was the City
who approved every residential development and school which are in close
proximity to the pipeline right-of-way. When and how are Abbotsford
residents going to be informed regarding our local government’s plan to
protect us from a future spill from the current 59 year old Kinder Morgan
Trans Mountain pipeline and the potential expansion?

Lynn Perrin BGS MPP
FairAll Consulting

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