Style: Fashion, Home Decor and Clutter … A Bad Mix

By Elisa Robertson. Getting rid of clutter can be an awful job (which is why we put it off). It can also be a glorious opportunity to start all over again and reinvent yourself and your decor with spending a fortune buying new things.

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Now, as far as fashion is concerned, there are a few things that I recommend to help you get your year off to the best possible start. If you love fashion but don’t plan on going broke for it this year, then this is the perfect time to clean out your closets and take stock of what you already have and what you really need and don’t need.

Start with footwear – rather than buy another pair of black shoes or boots, why not have the heels fixed on the three pair you already have? Get rid of those shoes that you know you aren’t going to wear again or that really kill your feet.

You need to look after yourself and hobbling around is a pair of boots that are actually killing you isn’t attractive or fun.

This also makes room for new pairs that you know are going to be on sale this month! Buy gel insoles for the pairs that you just can’t part with but aren’t particularly comfortable is also a good investment – at least that way you’ll get some wear out of them.

Separating the rest of your fashions into piles can also help you reorganize your closet. Make a pile of things that you still love but need to be altered or repaired and make a vow to yourself to actually drive them to the seamstress to have them looked after – this will save you from re-buying similar items.

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Make another pile of things that you know you’re never going to wear and donate those items to charity or take them to a consignment store. Any money you receive from the sale of those items can be put right back into your wardrobe guilt free since technically it’s recycling, isn’t it?

Take stock of what items you have that you don’t wear because you don’t have the right items to wear with them. If you have pants that you have never worn because you don’t have a top to match – then put that top on your shopping list. There is no point coming home with another pair of pants and to keep the first pair company.

Also, don’t forget to sort through undergarments and lingerie. Get rid of all the hose and tights with holes and runs and the ill-fitting bras. That gag gift teddy you got at your bridal shower 5 years ago can probably go too. It was funny at the time, but now it’s just taking up room in your closet.

When putting everything back into the closet. Give some thought to organization – I strongly recommend doing it by colour. It’s much easier to put outfits together if all of the black shirts are together rather than scattered throughout the closet.

This kind of fashion statement may seem trivial compared to all of the more lofty ideas out there, but if it makes you feel better, saves you time every morning and maybe even a little money then it’s worth a Saturday morning.

Editor’s Note: This column first appeared in Abbotsford|Today Magazine in January 2009

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