Limited Operations At Baker

By December 21, 2014Sports News

This year’s late, late, late start to the ski season may have to wait another week as the weather refuses to cooperate.

The folks at Mount Baker are hoping for 18″ by Christmas but there’s no natural snow around for now.

UPDATE 12/23/14: Limited Operations At Baker This Morning

9:00 – 3:30
Operation Heather Meadows
Notes Chairs 1, 2 ,3 and the Heather Meadows Handle Tow will be open today with discounted lift ticket
rates in effect. Basic rentals only and all instruction will be available out of the upper, Heather
Meadows base area only. With just a bit more snow we will be able to open the lower, White Salmon
base area and more chair lifts; we will see what mother nature has in-store.
ATTENTION: Santa will not be here today so Official Santa Photos have been cancelled. Everyone
must have been extra nice this year because Santa is too busy in the North Pole to make it to Mt.
Baker before Christmas. However he’s planning on stopping by for a few hours on Christmas Day
after his work is all done to hand out candy canes and cocoa! Our photo crew can’t make it, but Santa
would be happy to pose for selfies with you. Look for Santa on the snow between the Heather
Meadows mountain shop and the handle tow after 11:00 on Christmas Day.

From Mount Baker. We are still on hold and our crew is still keeping things ship-shape to open the ski area at the drop of some snow flakes. . . well, about 18 inches would be good.

Let us say this: The snow will come. It always does.

When it does, we will be standing by and ready to have the mountain become the wonderful and magical place it is in the winter time.

After consultation with various weather sources, including NWAC, here is our take on the weather for about the next week or so:

Some snow on Friday – about 10 inches, then unfortunately some warm and wet weather moves in for the weekend. But then! Ta Da!

On Monday the jet stream is forecasted to come back to the good side and moves to a consolidated, strong straight westerly flow with LOTS OF SNOW. . .finally . . .fingers and toes (and arms and legs) are crossed!

All we want for Christmas is a good cold jet stream!


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