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By May 31, 2013Valley News

PIPE UP Network provokes discussion about Kinder Morgan pipeline risks.

From Lynn Perrin. In response to the controversial decision by the Fraser Valley Regional District to allow Kinder Morgan to survey a new pipeline route through the Cheam Wetlands, the PIPE UP Network sent a delegation to articulate community concerns to the FVRD board regarding the risks associated with the transport of tar sands dilute bitumen. Representatives from Kinder Morgan were also invited to present to the district and the outcome was a dynamic discussion between the board directors, local residents and the pipeline proponents about the project proposal.

Kinder Morgan representative Greg Toth focused his presentation on pipeline safety, minimizing the differences between diluted bitumen and conventional oil as well as the 76 spills that have been reported along the Trans Mountain mainline. Mr. Toth’s presentation was met with numerous questions from FVRD directors, including a question from Abbotsford Councillor Bill MacGregor about the 2005 spill in the Kilgard creek which is also within a sensitive wetland area. MacGregor concluded that he was opposed to the pipeline expansion plans.


2.14 – Lynn Perrin – PIPE UP Network

6.00 – Michael Hale – PIPE UP Network

11.50 – Questions from the board to Lynn & Michael

11.51 – Dave Loewen?

12.40 – Electoral District C Director Wendy Bales

15.50 – Abbotsford Director Dr. Bill MacGregor

19.55 – KM presentation by Greg Toth

40.20 – Questions from the board to Mr. Toth

40.21 – Abbotsford Director Dr. Bill MacGregor poses question on 2005 spill into Kilgard creek

44.25 Statement from Dr. Bill Macgregor ” I am fully opposed to this pipeline, but I think we’re in for a war”

44.30 – Electoral District C Director Wendy Bales

51.09 – Electoral District D Director Bill Dickey – Cheam Lake Wetlands

58.00 – Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz

1.00.15 – Ms. Skonberg

1.03.22 – Dave Loewen

1.06.17 – Chilliwack Director Jason Lum

1.11.34 – Mayor of Abbotsford Bruce Banman

1.15.11 – Abbotsford Director Simon Gibson

1.19.40 – Electoral Area C Director Wendy Bales

1.21.38 – Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz

1.22.40 – Sandy Forbes – PIPE UP Network

1.28.26 – Wendy Major – PIPE UP Network

1.34.34 – Lynn Perrin – PIPE UP Network

1.36.10 – Alexa Hobenshield – Kinder Morgan

1.36.58 – Michael Hale – PIPE UP Network

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