Listen To Mayor Banman (Not) Defend Social Media Blunder

By November 13, 2014Municipal Politics

After Abbotsford Today revealed that Mayor Bruce Banman, through his personal Facebook account, had commented on a bogus Twitter account aimed at slinging mud at his competitor (‘Vote Henry Brown’ has since been taken down), and then quickly attempted to cover his tracks, Banman was on CKNW Wednesday trying to do damage control – while admitting nothing.

While Banman steered clear of his own social media missteps [Banman Caught Posting On Bogus Henry Brown Twitter SiteBanman’s Team Gets Nasty On Social Media] he played the role of the victim and blamed all of the nastiness in this year’s political campaign on website and social media.

“We have to take a hard look at how we treat those who seek public office,” he said, while offering no explanation for his own use of social media against fellow politician and councillor Henry Braun who entered the race 20 points ahead of Banman according to Banman’s own team.

Listen below to Justin Drex on the DREX Live show on CKNW to hear Banman refuse to defend himself while blaming everybody on the internet, and Braun who makes every attempt to take the high road.

Click to the 30 second mark on the podcast –

cknwnewstalk980 – Drex Live – Wednesday Nov 12 – Hour 1

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