A tribute by Sandy Blue to Deputy Chief Rick Lucy on the occasion of his retirement from the Abbotsford Police Department.

When one thinks of lucky numbers 13 isn’t usually the one that comes to mind … but as I reflect back on the 13 years I’ve known Rick Lucy I count myself very lucky indeed.

Six of those years I was privileged to serve on the Abbotsford Police Board where I got to know Rick very well. I admired his steady, considerate approach, solid leadership and quiet sense of humour. Abbotsford is a much better place as this man whose selfless devotion to family, career and the community served us for his entire policing career.

Until we downsized two years ago Bob and I were neighbours of Rick and Diane and their 3 children. We watched the collection of sports equipment in their garage ebb and flow; and the numbers of vehicles in the driveway and on the street steadily increase as one by one each of the Lucy kids came of driving age.

We share a wedding anniversary with Rick and Diane; both families have 3 grown children, and we share a love of hockey, basketball and good food.

You could say we’re all lucky – to know Rick – and to count him as a friend.

So as he begins his ‘new’ career in Namibia we wish him and his family all the luck in the world.

We also wish them good health and good fortune and hope we’ll be lucky enough to stay in touch from afar… as we look forward to hearing about all Rick’s new adventures.

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