Makeup And Beauty: Choosing Foundation

By Amanda Polak. Foundation is designed to even out your skin tone, take care of any redness and discolorations in the skin. There are so many different brands, types and effects out on the market I will try to keep it easy for you! I will try to break down different coverages for different skin types. In the end of this column I hope that you will know what texture is suitable for you!!

To start:
For first time users of foundation, I would go with something that is oil-free, allergy tested and fragrance free that way you are almost guaranteed that you will not have a reaction.

Whatever skin you may have it is important to have an SPF (Sunscreen) in your makeup, especially if your skincare is missing it. UV damage is the #1 reason why we age faster then planned. So just keep that in mind even if you are only in your 20’s it’s not to early. Even if your older it shouldn’t matter keep your skin safe.

Dry skin types; look for something with moisture in it. Tinted moisturizers are quick and easy to give you extra comfort with coverage throughout the day. Something with a creamy feel to it will be the best if you are looking for more coverage.

Combination skin, oil-free formulas are the best thing to keep you shine free during the day. Mineral makeup may work depending on the application. The powder will combat the oily areas but will cover and work with the skin to make it comfortable to wear

Oily skin, always look for something that is oil free. Salicylic Acid is a great ingredient renewing and exfoliating your skin and for keeping your slick areas under control while you wear it.

Powders that match your foundation are suitable for dry/combination skin. For oily skin look for an invisible mattifying powder so that there isn’t a noticeable deposit to wear you apply it.


Always get a color match and feel the product before you buy it. Ask as many questions as needed. If you aren’t sure about the product at that time see if they will give you a sample to try.

Good luck! Contact me if you have any beauty questions

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