Favorite Products I Can’t Live Without

By Amanda Polak – A-Plus Makeup & Hair – When it comes to makeup and beauty, like most people I have my top ten favorite products – the ones I can’t live without.

SKINCARE – Clinique’s 3-step Skincare. This is a staple in my routine, I have combination oily skin to keep it clear and clean i love and stand by Cliniques 3-Step Skincare System. I have been using it for a year now and it’s the only thing that has cleared up any problem areas. I had tried out just about every brand out there. It takes 3 minutes, twice a day. Cleanse (to break up the dirt and oil on the surface of the skin), Clarify(to remove excess oil, dirt and dead skin) and moisturize (to balance out the water and the oil in the skin). Clinique is fragrance free and allergy tested. It is divided into 4 skin types. Dry, Dry Combination, Combination Oily and Oily. To find out what skin type you are I am here to answer, or you can go to any Clinique Counter. I recommend anyone to use it.

EYE CREAM – All About Eyes Cream- Clinique

I am in my early 20’s and I already use an eye cream. This type comes in two consistencies, regular formula and RICH. The regular is a light gel like texture, which is great for summertime and warmer times of the year. The RICH is ideal for Winter and Fall months when the air is more dry. Prevention is key when it comes to your skin 🙂

EYELASH CURLER – It is the best tool to use to really curl those lashes to open your eyes before applying mascara. It looks scary but a steady hand and practice is the only way to be happy with it. Gently rest it along your lashline, trying to get as close as you can to the base of the lashes. Slowly, clamp the tool together and hold for 5-10 seconds, release and apply your favorite mascara and vola! Never curl your lashes after applying mascara. This will harm your lashes and make them brittle and weak, they can fall out if you do it often. You can find eyelash curlers at any drugstore, try to find one with extra sponges to change every 6 months.


This is my favorite cosmetic item! It opens your eyes and makes your lashes more lush and full. There are different types of wands to lengthen, volume and separate. I have many favorite brands for all categories. For a Splurge, I recommend Lancome’s – Definicils or Cliniques- Hi Definition. For a drugstore brand I love Covergirl’s “Professional Mascara”. It comes is a light blue tube, I always go back to it and i’m always satisfied. Of course Lash Blast By Covergirl is a favorite. Black can work on all hair colors and skin tones. It gives you the best coverage and look. Brown works for more of a natural look. ( i feel a separate article coming in just mascara)


My all time favorite cream is the Hemp Protection Line from the Body Shop. It is thick and rich, with a clean, light scent of patchouli. I only use it in the evening before I go to bed and I wake up with super soft hands and feet. It is great for winter time.

Lancome’s – Artliner liquid liner

This sponge tip liquid liner is my favorite because it lasts all day long, the applicator is foolproof when applying. This specific product has been my favorite for more then two years. Other great liners are the L’Oreal and QUO. Liquid liners come in a sponge tip applicator and a hair like brush tip. For beginners with liquid liner the easiest to control is the sponge applicator. With a light hand. Just remember

It’s all about having fun with it! It’s just makeup, If you make a mistake thats what makeup remover and q-tips are for – practice makes perfect.


I love the natural sun-kissed look. You can achieve a bronzed look in the winter as well. Always use a color that is the same shade as your skin tone or one shade darker. Then you are guaranteed to never look orange. Tips to applying: After applying a face powder. Use a big fluffy brush and swirl brush on product. With a light hand apply in a 3 motion to the high points of the face. Starting with the temple, working down your cheek bones and finishing with the jawline. Go back with the same brush and blend in the same motion. It’s easy and it’s the way the sun would naturally darken the areas of the face.

LIPS – Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Skin Protectant

I love this product!!! It is a staple item in my kit because it’s so multi purpose. My lips get very dry when I sleep, I use it in the evening. When I wake up the product is still there, my lips are soft. It was made over 100 years ago for very dry skin, an ointment for scaring. Use it for your cuticles, dry patches of your face, and of course your lips. I’ve tried it on blemishes over night, and it reduces the redness.

BODY MOISTURIZER – Alba Organic Kukui Nut Body Oil

Using this when you get out of the shower in replace of your body moisturizer is fabulous. Smells natural and warm. It is a great massaging oil, and relaxing in the bath ( make sure you rise the tub after to prevent slipping….) I couldn’t be more happy with this product.


I use so many different types in my kit for work. Right now I use the Airbrushed Concealor from Clinique. I love the twist applicator because you can really control how much product that comes out, less is always more when it comes to concealing. I use the smallest amount in the inner part of my eyes, down my tear duct, outer part of my eyes, around my nose and the center of the chin. ( all of these areas are where the natural redness and discolorations occur in the skin ) The light consistency is perfect for hiding blemishes as well.

I have many other favorites, but this is the basics of my skincare and makeup routine in the morning. Thanks for reading and please comment about anything that i went through or suggest topics that you as a viewer would like to read about.

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