Marion Douglas Slashes Her Wrists

By September 20, 2013Abbotsford News, News, Valley News

78-Year-Old Woman Slashes Her Wrists After Being Left To Fend For Herself After Midnight By Nurses At ARH

By Mike Archer. 78-year-old Marion Douglas went to see her doctor in Abbotsford on Tuesday afternoon, Sept 3, and he noticed something was not right with her. She was unusually distraught and he had her taken to Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) by ambulance.

Photo: Hospital administrators enjoy a celebration Augusts 23rd of the five years they have been managing Abbostrford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre.

At around midnight she was discharged but had no way of getting home. Douglas needs a walker in order to get around and she lives more than 20 blocks from the hospital on McDougall Ave.

She asked two nurses at the hospital if she could stay until morning when the buses started running and they told her she could not stay.

So; after midnight, 78-year-old Marion Douglas struck out for home. It took her over two hours to get home.

She went back the ARH on Saturday, Sept 7 and this time was admitted. Marion was so upset by the lack of care she received, the fact she was forced to walk over 20 blocks in the middle of the night to get home, and the other issues in her life causing her to be distraught that she slashed her wrists.

Marion Douglas is now in the psych ward at ARH and hospital officials were first asked on September 6 about the incident and have yet to confirm exact details of what occurred. Tasleem Juma of the FHA told Abbotsford Today this afternoon that FHA has a policy in place to deal with situations which emerge where a patient makes it known that they are unable to get home.

“We have a policy in place whereby arrangements can be made to pay for a phone call, bus fare or a taxi if someone is unable to get home on their own,” she said.

Juma said the FHA is still looking into the events of September 3 and will have more to say.

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Photo: Marcus Akhtar, Access Health Abbotsford Ltd. operations director (Foreground L-R), Vivian Giglio, Fraser Health Authority vice-president clinical operations, and Dr. Max Coppes, BC Cancer Agency president cut the cake at the 5th anniversary celebration of the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre on August 23, 2013. Mike Marasco, Partnerships BC (L) and Walter Hillier, Plenary CEO (middle), look on Friday. (Photo: BC Cancer Agency)

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