Marlisa Power Looks For City Council Seat

Submitted. Elect Marlisa Power Councillor on November 15th – Compassion, community, commerce and change will make Abbotsford a vibrant place to live, work and play.
Compassion – Compassion is a key ingredient I would use when making policy and plans for Abbotsford. The homeless issue is an indication that things are not balanced here in Abbotsford. Compassion and urgency is what is needed to address this critical issue. We need to coordinate all the stakeholders (APD, City, Community Services, Salvation Army, DWS etc.) involved and work one on one with each person in need of life’s basic necessity’s – food and shelter – and show them we care and we will walk beside them as in the journey to improve their quality of life.

Community – As most know, I am an ardent community volunteer and I support all things local. I would promote local products, foods, businesses and locations. Abbotsford has so many untapped resources to offer and celebrate. Arts/Culture/Recreation and Community events allow citizens to celebrate and connect outside of the day to day routine. These experiences knit the community in a positive way. I feel this is very important in creating a caring and positive population. It also attracts outsiders to our City and generates tourism dollars – a win win for all!

Commerce – Businesses provide jobs and increase our tax $ base. We need to use our local businesses and not outsource municipal services. We need to retain and attract employers by supporting them to get started and thanking them through various incentives. We need to protect and support the agriculture industry not a fully tapped economic resource. We need to make doing Abbotsford a positive and profitable experience.

Change – Although scary and uncomfortable; change is what is needed to ensure the fiscal, economic, environment and social needs of our City are balanced and sustainable. Change often results in tremendous growth and satisfaction. One area of change that is needed is to make City Hall more accountable, transparent and fiscally responsible to the citizens it serves. A vote for me is a vote for balanced change.

Compassion, community, commerce and change will make Abbotsford a vibrant place to live, work and play.

• 46 year old entrepreneur – Power House Consulting – mother of 2 – 2 University degrees
• Community involvement – Member of Grace Church, Volunteer – Abbotsford Farm & Country Market, Canadian Cancer Society, Abbotsford Hospice Society, Canadian Kidney Foundation, Feeding the Homeless on Hastings, The Warm Zone
• Project Management, Teaching, Motherhood experience
• Student Government experience – High school/University
I am a Christian and a Humanitarian; it is my passion to serve others.

In order to maintain the quality of life for all citizens (regardless of socio economic background) today as well as leave a positive legacy for the future generations; it is paramount we maintain a sustainable balance. A sustainable balance between the fiscal, economic, environmental and social pieces of the pie. The homeless issue is a prime example of what happens when the balance is tipped say towards growing an economy, or protecting the environment. Solutions need to be found and supported today to restore the balance.

Elect Marlisa Power City Councillor on November 15th. Thank You.

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