Dear Editor. Recycling garbage can bring future benefits but by contrast recycling politicians is like going back to 20th Century thinking. It is time for Randy Hawes to go off into the sunset years

Sadly, Mission endured countless years of partisan politics, self-important views and positions on most any issue. Anger emerged over wrong gravel pit plans, to erosion of environmental protections, to erosion at Mission Memorial Hospital (as Dan Crick alludes to in an online posting) and worst of all – political posturing caused a massively divided community we still live in today.

While Randy is clearly a legend in his own mind, the kind people of Mission deserve the opportunity to elect Leaders with vision and compassion to witness the building of a more age-friendly community.

As one of the architects of the now imploding slate of CRMG candidates, he was loudly touted by Mayor Adlem as ‘My hero – Randy Hawes.’

Yet, now trying to distance himself, Randy tries to burn that bridge dismissing inept actions of his handpicked slate which further epitomizes his lack of good sense and judgment.

Now he wants back at the trough and (wrongly hopefully) thinks to step back in as mayor.

Frankly; the people of Mission have moved forward.

Yours truly,

George F. Evens

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  • Walter Neufeld says:

    Let’s look at this once more, but more slowly.

    First Hawes helped spearhead a slate (CRMG) of strong-willed, likeminded candidates who successfully won The City of Mission’s governance only to later cannibalize each other & the office they held.

    Some critics have concluded that the fault for that mauling lies with the very strategists who helped spearhead the slate and who picked the flawed candidates in the first place: a question of poor judgement?

    Luckily for Mission, Hawes’ reputation precedes him. He’s known to many as a politician who opposes his own constituents in favour of narrow business interest. Others know him as the cowardly wimp who avoided being held account during the last election by ducking out.

    “How can you be citizens responsible for municipal government when you are the government?”(Hawes). Incredible.

    And now he wants to run for mayor? God help Mission.

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