Meet Beckham, An Awesome Companion Up For Adoption

By February 25, 2014Pets

Here is what his foster home had to say in the first couple of weeks: Beckham is AWESOME! He is super happy and super social with dogs and humans. Not sure about cats. He’s met many dogs of all sizes since he’s been with us and he’s been great with all of them, male, female, large and small. He loves to play but also loves to lounge on the couch. He met my little niece the other day and was all kisses with her and does fine with both men and women. No signs of separation anxiety. He loves coming in for affection or laying with his head on your lap. I’ve taken food and bones away from him without any issues at all and he’s not at all possessive of toys or food around the other dogs.

He’s still pretty skinny but is slowly putting on some weight. His flat front paws are slowly starting to raise up now that he’s getting proper nutrition and some exercise. The groomers did end up shaving him right down because of all the mats in his fur so his body looks a little funny right now but once his gorgeous coat grows back he’ll be stunning.

He knows the sit command and we’re working on a few other basics. He’s a pretty fast learner and responds well to clicker training. He’s getting better walking on a leash but still pulls a bit so that’s a work in progress. We’re also working on his off-leash recall but haven’t tested him outside the confines of our property yet. He’s a husky X and huskies are notorious for wondering off and doing their own thing so we’re being extra cautious with his off leash recall.

It would be great to see him go to a family with another dog because he is such a social boy and would thrive in a home with a playmate.

Beckham is currently in foster care in Squamish.
To get more information on Beckham or to fill out an adoption application, please click here.

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