Meet Brodie, The Perfect Male Companion

By January 29, 2014Turtle Gardens

Submitted. Brodie loves to fetch. He is good with kids. Brodie is a return to Turtle Gardens after 10 years. Likes to be with his person, a follow you fellow. Ideal for someone who likes to putter in their garden and enjoys leisurely walks on the beach..
BRODIE is an 11 YEAR OLD NEUTERED MALE LAB MIX, MEDIUM SIZE and currently in foster care in VICTORIA, BC. This does not mean he has to remain on Vancouver Island, his adoption application is open to a forever family anywhere.

Here is what his foster home has to say in the first week: So far, I have to say Brodie is pretty much the perfect dog. He ignores the cat, and is not particularly interested in children. (I will test this with the neighbour kids a little more. He met two of them and pretty much ignored them. But the kids have been sick since then, so I haven’t had him around them to see how he behaves.)

He likes other dogs (he whines whenever he sees one), but after he meets them and sniffs, he’s ready to move on. He’s fussy about what he eats, but when he finds something he likes, he’s very food motivated. He inhales his dinner. He’s a good, fast walker for the most part, very focused on where he’s going. Stops and sniffs but not excessively so. I’ve been taking him for two 15- to 30-minute walks each day, plus a couple of other little outings in the back yard. But today, he seemed to reach his limit after about half an hour walk around the Cedar Hill Golf Course. He really slowed down and even stopped a few times before we got home. It was the first time he seemed like an 11-year-old dog to me. But today’s walk had a few hills. He probably does better on flat walks.

He LOVES being outside. Wants to go out every time a door opens.

Brodie’s Petfinder write up can be found here.

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