UPDATED: MEI Responds To Holmberg Statement On ACS

Since Abbotsford Today pointed out that Dave Holmberg has been posting comments on the Abbotsford News claiming to be from Mennonite Educational Institute (MEI), and since MEI has confirmed Holmberg neither is nor has ever been associated with MEI, contributors have found other instances of Facebook comments by Holmberg using Southern institute of Technology (SAIT) beside his name which are identical to his MEI comments but made on a different date.

Facebook searches reveal at least two online versions of Holmberg as a commenter on Abbotsford politics.

Feb 14, 2014 – 16:05
This week, when a Facebook comment on the Abbotsford News from well-known political fundraiser and backroom strategist Dave Holmberg, was brought to our attention, we asked why Mr Holmberg’s comments included the words ‘Mennonite Educational Institute’ beside them.

We were accused of making an issue out of something which was no issue at all because Facebook comments usually pull up something such as the school you attended when your comment is posted.

We tested that theory and found it to be true – Facebook does take the school you attended and place it beside you name … as long as you listed the school you attended on your Facebook page. We were about to apologize when Mr. Holmberg answered the questions we sent him in his usual fashion – brief and to the point:

“I am not a member of MEI, and never have been,” Holmberg told us. We asked him why the MEI would be associated with his name on Facebook and he has yet to comment further.

We asked Ernie Janzen, Superintendent, MEI Schools about Holmberg’s Abbotsford News comments and Mr. Janzen replied as follows:

Abbotsford Today: What position does Mr Holmberg hold at the Mennonite Educational Institution?

Mennonite Educational Institute: Mr. Holmberg does not hold a position at Mennonite Educational Institution.

AT: Does he speak for the Mennonite Educational Institution?

MEI: He does not speak for Mennonite Educational Institution. As Superintendent, this is my responsibility.

AT: Will the Mennonite Educational Institution be making other public comments on political issues in Abbotsford or on the homeless crisis the City faces?

MEI: No.

AT: Does the Mennonite Educational Institution agree with Mr Holmberg about Mr Bos’s letter?

MEI: No comment. As you noted in your article, we do not involve ourselves in politics. What we do concern ourselves with is equipping students with excellence, nurturing their faith, and inspiring to them to serve our neighbourhood, our community, and the world.

Sources tell Abbotsford Today Holmberg moved to Abbotsford in 1975, along with his family, and could not have been a student at MEI.

Two of Mr Holmberg’s Abbotsford News comments:

Dave Holmberg

Mei Pizzuto

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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    Confusion Will the real Dave Holmberg, please stand forward!

    The original facebook clip says Dave Holmerg, Mennonite Educational Institute and now the same message on Abby news Facebook comment
    says Dave Holmberg, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology..Dave
    Holmberg, retired.

    Dave Holmberg says he never attended MEI, yet, Facebook search
    reads: Dave Holmberg worked at Bobcat Country (owner) He attended Mennonite Educational Institute…

    Does the search apply to a family member or Dave Holmberg, retired?

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