Melanie Kilsby Relaunches ‘Reality; Darkness Into Light’

By June 16, 2014Books

What is Reality?
Or at least, what is the reality we hope for? Is it when justice is served and everything is right in our world? Usually that’s not the case!

In Melanie Kilsby’s re-launch of her first Christian YA Novel in the series: Reality; Darkness into Light, we meet Zoe. A broken 13 year old girl who is longing to make sense of the world around her and her own reality.

Faced with real struggles that not many want to discuss or speak about in this fantasy driven society, Melanie reaches into the heart and pulls out the raw emotions and pain this girl is dealing with, based on similar life situations that Melanie herself had to face at the tender age of 12 years young.

Join your local Christian Author in her re-launch of the first book in the Series: Reality; Darkness into Light and connect with her on her blog or by using the code!



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