Mission Messenger Misses (Most Important) Parts Of The Story

By September 5, 2014Letters

Dear Editor. Residents at Mission had our mail boxes graced with the first edition of “Mission Messenger” today. The gist of the four page newsprint copy was to remind voters of accomplishments by CRMG and ask us to re-elect “The CRMG Team”.

Then, the potential high road editorial went off the tracks with perceived misleading remarks about some former members and presumably garnering all the praise and accomplishments for the discredited Mayor and two cronies, while I am trying to be respectful of the sham being perpetrated.

First, claiming three of defecting Councillors “were unproven” a glaring misleading statement, as all six, including the Mayor were exactly the same, unproven with only one incumbent having any Council experience.

Second misleading remark, “the three defectors used CRMG to get elected, they became more interested in their own political future than Mission”. In fact, the three were by all public accounts far more interested in Mission and likely made equal or more of a contribution to perceived success of Council collectively, no tax increases and such. Indeed, four members of Council voted “no confidence in the Mayor” an unprecedented move but apparently being in denial and narcissistic behaviour sadly clouds one’s mind presumably.

Mayor Adlem stated he would announce a new CRMG slate in April, now September still no announcements and while touting two incumbents and himself, says “You will meet the 2014 team in next “Mission Messenger”, but I will not hold my breath. The Public wonder if candidates, at least good proven ones, are shying away from a dysfunctional CRMG body and leadership, fearing to have their reputation tarnished, particularly witnessing the need to stoop to deceit, misleading remarks and clearly questionable unproven leadership abilities. Implying CRMG was founded by Mayor Adlem and Councillors Hensman & Nundal “and other concerned people”, tries public patience and insults our intelligence, as we all know facts and recognize attempts to “spin” public opinion. As well, the Public know the best Candidates abandoned CRMG, remained active to achieve results and must share any success, regardless of the Mayors vain attempts to mislead us into his camp.

I was very supportive of the unproven and relatively unknown CRMG bunch when it first appeared, I was prepared to risk new people but moreso recognized the urgent need to replace the existing misdirected incumbent Council and sadly, only a “slate” approach would work. This is particularly true recognizing both a former Mayor/MLA and Councillor were instrumental in the CRMG development process. But as the Public know, most Councillors and former Mayor/MLA and former Councillor abandoned the CRMG ship, the council imploded and all that remains is a three person unproven capable body a mere shadow of its original self, now asking to be re-elected, by adding some future unproven candidates, my word!

Yours truly,

George F. Evens

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