Moe Gill Against TOIFA Protests

Submitted. In a recent article in the Vancouver Punjabi News, journalist H. Randawa infers that Moe Gill is in support of staging protests at the upcoming Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA) scheduled to begin April 5th, 2013.

Moe Gill denies any support for protesting this event. In his recently issued Press Release, Mr. Gill called for the Liberal Party to return the more than $11 million in taxpayer funds to the people of British Columbia that are being spent on the TOIFA Awards.

Mr. Gill stated, “At no time did we call on citizens to protest these awards and we do not condone any interruption of this event. Our objection is to the spending of taxpayer dollars. It is taxpayers who are buying the tickets and have a right to now enjoy this event fully. ”

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