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Submitted. Kealys Moonshine of Abbotsford just launched their very first crowd funding project. On Nov 14 at 7:00 pm a special guest band will be playing at the Fanclub on Granville Street Downtown Vancouver. Abbotsford’s Moonshine vodka drinks will be flowing! Hats, VIP Tickets, Limo Rides, Vegas Trips and more…..

Space is limited so book your package early. The proceeds will be going to a great cause.


Mason and Nicole Kealy come from a long Irish & German family line of alcohol drinkers.

Honestly, they are a regular working couple in BC, and parents of four children. They started a business in Abbotsford as a result of a very interesting hobby.

Mason and Nicole have been distillers of alcohol spirits for many years now and felt they had finally found the perfect recipe for Vodka. Their recipe mixes almost invisibly with cocktails and Martinis, while having almost no aftertaste common to Vodkas. After years of comments by their friends and family saying “There they go making their Moonshine again”, The Kealys finally released their Ultra-Premium Vodka this June, 2013 and named it “Kealy’s Moonshine”. And they just won a Platinum Medal & Gold Medal in the Sips International Spirits Competition 2013 in California!

The best part is they are selling about $10 below the other premium Vodkas to build a name for themselves EVEN AFTER winning International competitions proving their quality.

The Kealys are not a massive corporation with giant budgets. Just a mom & pop BC small business, but they are pitting themselves against the big guys because they believe in their recipe that much!

Please help us raise money to spread the word about their fantastic Vodka and help us gain real grass roots recognition by helping fund their release party.


The Kealys are looking to raise as much money as they can in this campaign. $10,000 would be great, more would be even better!

Almost all of it will be going back into the local community.

We will firstly be throwing this launch party at the Fanclub. So funds for the club, the band and advertising will be used.

The majority of the rest of the money left over will go towards attending events in BC like Charity Golf Tournaments and local events with our tent and giving away free samples to build a name for themselves.

Examples of some of the events we have already attended are:

– Big Brothers & Sisters Fundraiser

– Abbotsford Hospice Society Fundraiser

– Greater Vancouver Home Builders Gala

– Britannia Lions BC Rugby League

– Vancouver General Hospital Prostate Cancer Fundraiser………and more.


We understand that not everyone can make a contribution and we still value your support.

If you can’t contribute please help us with the following:

1. ADD us to your social media….




2. Spread our campaign around to your friends and family. You might not be able to contribute but maybe one of them can.

You can do this by using the Indiegogo “Share Tools”.

And also with your social media.

Thank you for any contribution you have made.


The Kealy Family

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